White Cream no added sugar 200g


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Product description

White Cream Stevia

This Cream is the newest member of our small family of products with no added sugar. It is sweetened by stevia with powerful milk taste of white chocolate and hazelnut. It does not contain saccharose or palm oil. It has full taste with no sugar accented by vanilla, milk and hazelnut. Only 2.4 g of naturally present sugar (lactose from milk) per dose classifies this product in one of the best quality in the category of healthy products.

How to use it
*Spread on toast or gallete
*As stuffing in croissants
*As additive or dressing for ice-cream
*Directly from the jar

Ingredients: Maltitol sweetener, coconut oil, hazelnut paste, skimmed milk in powder, cocoa powder with reduced content of fats 10-12%, Inulin dietary fiber and oligofructose, soy lecithin, steviol glycoside, aroma, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

The product may contain traces of soybeans, peanuts and other nuts.

It contains only naturally present sugar (Lactose)

It does not contain:
*Sugar (White sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, or fructose)
*Palm oil
*Hydrogenised fats
*Artificial sweeteners
*Artificial colours

Can have a laxative effect if consumed excessively.

A diverse and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important.

Nutritive value:

Energy2121,6 kJ / 505,15 kcal636,3 kJ / 151,3 kcal
Saturated fatty acids13,1g3,9g
Of which sugars8,3g2,4g


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