Dark Cream CHOCO BAR with hazelnuts 110g


Dark Cream Milk Table with hazelnuts (no added sugar)

Količinski popust 6 - 20 5 %
Količinski popust 21 - 50 15 %
Količinski popust 51 - 100 20 %

Product description

Dark Cream Milk Table with hazelnuts 110g (no added sugar)

Product is similar to the chocolate with no added sugar with * added dietary fiber, *natural sweeteners with low glycemic index and *reduced nutritive value.

How to use it
*For eating and cooking
*Direct consumption
*To make various delicacies (stuffing, glaze)

Ingredients: Natural sweetener maltitol, vegetable fat, hazelnuts (18%), whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder (minimum 15% milk solids), cocoa powder with reduced fat content 10-12% (minimum 8% dry cocoa parts), cocoa butter, inulin, soy lecithin, steviol glycoside, aroma.

Allergen Information: contain hazelnuts and Skimmed Milk Powder.

It contains only naturally present sugars (lactose).

It does not contain:
*Sugar (White sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, or fructose)
*Palm oil
*Artificial sweeteners
*Artificial colours

Can have a laxative effect if consumed excessively.

A diverse and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important.

Nutritivna vrednost:

Energetska vrednost2047 kJ/487 kcal
Zasićene masne kiseline14,15g
Ugljeni hidrati48,2g
Od toga šećeri6,85g


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